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Undergraduate Design Courses

MAE2 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering;
Instructors Dr. Mark Anderson, Prof. John Kazmatka

Introductory design course for Aerospace Engineering freshmen.

MAE3 Introduction to Engineering Graphics and Design;
Instructor Dr.Nathan Delson

A hands-on design course for Aerospace, Bio Engineers, Engineering Science, Environmental, and Mechanical Engineering freshmen and sophomores. The course culminates in a finals week robot contest.

MAE126B Environmental Engineering Laboratory II;
Instructors Prof. Carlos Coimbra, Prof. Jan Kleissl

Senior Environmental Engineering Design Course

MAE150 Computer Aided Design and Analysis;
Instructors Dr. Eric Jayson, Prof. Frank Talke, Prof. James Friend

An design theory course including Linkage and Finite Element Analysis

MAE155A Aerospace Engineering Design I;
Instructor Dr. Mark Anderson

Senior Aerospace Engineering Design Course

MAE155B Aerospace Engineering Design II;
Instructor Dr. Mark Anderson, Dr. Steve Harrington

Hands-on Senior Aerospace Engineering Course

MAE156A Fundamental Principles of Mechanical Design I;
Instructors Prof. Nicholas Gravish, Dr.Nathan Delson, Dr. Jerry Tustaniwskyj  

A senior level hands-on design course for Mechanical Engineers. Students work on an Mechatronics Design Contest, and learn fundamentals of Machining.

MAE156B Fundamental Principles of Mechanical Design II;
Instructors Dr.Nathan Delson, Dr. Jerry Tustaniwskyj

The capstone design course for Mechanical Engineers where students work on industry and research sponsored design projects.

Graduate Design Courses 

MAE 207, Topics in Engineering Science, Soft Robotics;
Instructor Prof. Micheal Tolley

MAE 291, Design and Mechanics in Computer Technology;
Instructor Prof. Frank Talke

MAE 285, Design of Micro/Nanoacoustofluidic Devices;
Instructor Prof. James Friend

MAE 292, Computer Aided Analysis and Design;
Instructor Prof. Frank Talke

Undergraduate Lab Courses 

MAE 198 (20L) Aerospace Properties of Materials,
Building EBU 2, Room 107  Instructor Prof. Shengqiang Cai

        This is the lab portion of MAE 20 designed for Freshman Aerospace Engineers. The structure of materials: polymers and composites.

MAE170 Experimental Techniques;
Instructors Prof. Prabhakar Bandaru, Prof. Farhat Beg, Prof. Robert Cattolica, Prof. Javier Garay, Prof Ratnesh Lal

Introduction to instrumentation and sensors for a large number of engineering majors in the Jacob's School of Engineering.

MAE126A/171A/175A Experimental Lab I;
Instructors Prof. Raymond de Callafon, Prof. Jan Kleissl, Prof. Ratnesh Lal, Prof. Kalyanasundaram Seshadri

Senior level lab course for Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Science, Environmental Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering majors. Includes hands-on experiments with Flow Tunnels, Materials Testing, Heat Transfer, and Controls, which are tailored to each student's major.

MAE171B Experimental Lab II;
Instructors Prof. Raymond de Callafon

Senior level lab course for Mechanical Engineering majors where students work on open-ended instrumentation and research projects.